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Amrut Bagheera Sherry Cask Finish Indian Single Malt Whisky with 2 Glasses


Ingredients from the Himalayas, stored at a height of 900 meters, inspired by gods and demons – Amrut is Indian whisky through and through.
The ambitious distillers use small-grained and therefore sweeter Indian barley for their globally successful single malts from the foot of the Himalayas, spring water from the mountains and Scottish peat malt for smoky varieties.
High above sea level in Bangalore, the distillates mature intensively under tropical conditions (around 3.5 times faster than in Scotland) in mostly Bourbon Casks to become exotic Taste sensations.
Fresh fruits and nuts, peat and toffee fill the palate while enjoying Amrut Bagheera.
The “black panther”, like Bagheera in Hindi is based on 99% unpeated and 1% on peated barley malt.
With its multi-layered aromas from the finish in the sherry cask, it leads whisky fans into a lush jungle of flavors, which is reflected in the design of the valuable gift packaging two glasses continues.

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