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Damson Plum Vinaigrette


This vinaigrette got luscious colour with the zing and freshness of damsons.

It is made from a white wine vinegar base and adds a delicious and fresh taste to salad greens as well as sweet dishes. We’ve packaged it with a spray pump so that your salads are lightly misted rather than drowned.

And we’ve left it up to you as to whether you add your favourite oil or not.


Ingredients: Damson Plums, White Wine Vinegar, Caster Sugar


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  • Mist over fresh salad greens
  • Try rocket, pear and parmesan
  • Spray it over grilled peaches or baked strawberries
  • Try it on, barbequed fish or raw oysters
  • Deglaze a pan that you’ve seared duck, lamb, pork or venison
  • Mix with Cathedral Cove Macademia oil and sprinkle over your salad
  • A lovely vinegar for dipping artisan breads
  • Spritz over roast vegetables before roasting – especially good sprayed over baby beets (beetroot/turnips etc)
  • A lovely fruity alternative to balsamic vinegar
  • Just beautiful sprayed over bluff oysters!  

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