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Prenzel Flambe


Originally designed for the Food service division, Prenzel are so pleased with the feedback from professionals that they have decided to share this exciting product with us all. Although the practice of lighting food for show goes back to the Moors in the 14th century, modern flambéing became popular only the late 19th century. According to popular belief, it was discovered again in Monte Carlo in 1895, when Henri Carpentier, a waiter, accidentally set fire to a pan of crepes he was preparing for the future King Edward V11 of England. He realised that burning the sauce affected its flavour in a way that he could not have anticipated. The flambéing technique is often used tableside at restaurants for a dramatic display but now you can flambé for yourself at a far lesser cost. Prenzel Flambé is 100% natural, 50% alcohol with flavours of raspberry, strawberry, boysenberry & Marsala. PLEASE READ THE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FIRST. 500ml Bottle

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  • Prenzel Flambe is extremely flammable therefore, read all safety instructions.
  • Never pour directly from the bottle.
  • Warm a little flambe is a metal soup ladel or small saucepan and pour directly on your chosen meat once it is nearly cooked
  • Alway use outside

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