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Awildian Blue Gin


When intrepid 18th-century botanists came across the subtropical and tropical pea vines they did what had to be done: they named the entire genus Clitoria. What choice did they have really? Special thanks to botanist Johann Philipp Breyne! Within this genus, there is one magnificently beautiful specimen which was named Clitoria Ternatea or, more commonly, Butterfly Pea.

For the Awildian Blue, this special flower is carefully macerated in our dry gin after distillation to lend its brilliant colour.

As if this gift from nature was not already mind-blowing enough the colour change that takes place when a mixer is added (such as tonic water) makes this gin an unforgettable joy for the senses.

Nature has thought of everything and always has a surprise up its sleeve.


Abv 47%

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