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Empress 1908 Gin


Empress 1908’s unique flavour stands out for the fine balance of natural botanicals that go into its distillation.

Micro-distilled in small batch copper-pot stills, Empress 1908 is hand-crafted using eight signature botanicals: tea, juniper, rose, coriander seed, grapefruit peel, ginger root, cinnamon bark, and butterfly pea blossom. It’s the pea blossom, which we discovered in one of the Empress tea blends, that imbues the gin with a distinctive earthy note.

Empress 1908 has made a big splash in the world of spirits, and has received a number of awards for its merits.

Gold, 2018 International Craft Competition Awards

Silver, 2018 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition

Double Gold, 2018 San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge

Gold Medal and Best in Class, 2018 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition

Best Canadian Classic Gin, 2018 World Gin Awards

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