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Johnnie Walker King George V Lunar Special Edition 2022


This 2022 design is part of the JW CNY series designed by Artist Jiang Shan and features the Baize, a mythical creature that is a symbol of virtuous, auspiciousness, might, nobleness, and protection from evil. John Walker & Sons King George V is a rare combination of exquisite whiskies, originally crafted to celebrate the first Royal Warrant granted to Johnnie Walker to supply Scotchwhisky to the British Royal Household. Drawn from extremely precious, rare casks, every bottle of John Walker & Sons King George V contains irreplaceable whiskies from the now-silent distillery of Port Ellen. It is an elegantly rich and creamy whisky that has precious rarity reflected in every drop.

Tasting Notes
 An opulent and regal whisky with hints of roasted nuts, dark chocolate, and an imposing sweet smokiness combine elegantly with suggestions of honey, citrus orange, and rose petals.
Aroma: Profound smoky initial aroma followed by sweet, fresh fruit (apples, pears, bananas) malt characteristics; developing into rich dried fruit/spicy complexity (raisins, figs, cinnamon).

Palate: Smooth with a rich, fruity sweetness. Warming with subtle flavors of sandalwood and smoke.The profile of the Fiddich is not so dissimilar, even if it emphasizes a little more fruit and is a little more oak-heavy.

Finish: Mouthwarming and lingering rich peaty finish.

Alc: 43%

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