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Jumping Goat Black Batch – Coffee Infused Whisky Liqueur


After creating our tasty coffee and vodka elixr, a certain someone had a few too many from the company stash and accidentally (but fortuitously) siphoned whisky into our vodka tank. Call it Visky, Wodka, whatever, this cock-up of a concoction will give you a kick with a full hoof. This Black Batch Coffee Liquor is the Black Goat of the family. 

A coffee liquor for shot takers and cocktail makers. Shake it, savour it, sip it or shoot it. Hell, we’re not going to tell you how to have a good time.

GIFT PACK: Get yourself, your Mate, your Mum, your Dad, or any other GOAT in your life this special little number. Select the Gift Pack Variant to receive your bottle in a customised gift box with 2 espresso shot cups and an espresso martini recipe card.

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