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Kirsch Liqueur


Kirsch is the German word for Cherries. This liqueur is made from cherries grown in Marlborough – but looks and tastes nothing like cherries.
Kirsch is the name of the pure distillate of fermented cherries. The cherries are harvested and allowed to ferment. No sugar is added. They are then distilled twice through an artisanal copper pot still and emerge as a pure distillate (which, like all distillates, is colourless.) It no longer tastes like the cherries that were originally fermented. The key flavour and nose of the brandy is slightly almond like. This is derived from the cherry-stones, which are distilled together with the fermented fruit.
The pure Kirsch is then left to age for at least twelve months before bottling and being sold at the traditional 40% abv. As a pure distillate, without any additions of colour of sugar or other forms of flavouring, it is an acquired taste – very, very dry – (but divine with cheese!)
Each year, since 1992, Prenzel has distilled small quantities of Kirsch to be retailed, to those who appreciate its special qualities and also to be incorporated into some of the specialist alcoholic flavour products Prenzel produces for bakers and others in the food service industry.
This year our distiller decided to divert a small quantity of his Kirsch to make a limited edition of what is a more Eastern European tradition of liqueur. This is basically a sweetened version of the traditional Kirsch brandy – to be enjoyed as a traditional digestif at the end of good meal. 375ml Bottle, 28% Alc. Vol.

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