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Malfy Lemon Gin


The Malfy crest is an interpretation of a famous rowing race held between the four ancient kingdoms of Italy each year. The Malfy blue represents the Mediterranean and the yellow represents the Italian lemons grown on the Coast which gives Malfy the aroma of the zest from a lemon just picked from a tree.

Malfy Gin is distilled in a stainless steel vacuum still so the fresh aromas of Italian Juniper and Citrus, together with 5 other botanicals, coriander, cassia, liquorice, grapefruit peel and orange peel, are retained.

Very citrus forward and fresh, with touches of woody juniper bringing character. Lemon notes are authentic, bright and mouth-filling. Clean and fresh as a summer breeze.

Volume: 750ml ABV: 41%

Country: Italy

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