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Whitford Village, Manukau City
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No 8 Distillery Moka Gin


Three waves: cold brew coffee, chocolate, and citrus.

On the nosing, you are blinded by a flash bang of orange and coffee. When tasting, the gin bursts through our chocolate and coffee trap.

Here at No8 Distillery, we are excited to bring the first Moka Gin to the NZ market and showcase our new gin at the innovation awards. We have been working hard with like-minded local businesses who share similar philosophies and outlooks for business.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Vanguard Speciality Coffee Company and Ocho Chocolate. Vanguard Coffee is providing us with a unique coffee that has undergone a new and unusual technique called carbonic maceration, which brings an uplifting and well-rounded coffee note to our cold brew. Vanguard Coffee also provides us with cascara, a by-product that we can use in our maceration process and it brings a lovely depth and sweetness to our Moka Gin.

Ocho Chocolate is supplying us with their chocolate husks, another by-product we can utilize and it brings a gorgeously rich, and smooth chocolate profile. Sustainability is at the forefront for all of us, so being able to make use of all of these by-products is brilliant.

Abv 38%

Country New Zealand

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