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Reyka Vodka


This beautifully crafted vodka comes from one of the most pristine, unspoiled environments in the world, Iceland. The purest, ancient water comes from an arctic spring that runs through a 4,000-year-old lava field, making this one of the purest, softest waters in the world. It takes 6 hours to make a single, small-batch, in a rare, handmade, copper, Carter-Head still, which provides only 255 cases each batch. Only the purest ‘heart’ part of the distillation is then filtered through the local Volcanic rock for extra purity.

Volume: 700ml

ABV: 40%


Reyka has a beautifully soft, smooth, unctuous, oily mouthfeel, that is bursting with sweet, organic fruit, classically grained wheat, and barley flavours and aromas, with a finish that is creamy soft, without any burn.

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