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Talisker 18 Years Old


An award-winning whisky with wonderful sweetness and warmth, intertwined with just a thread of smoke. Rich and soft but still assertive.

Colour: Gold.

On the nose: Rich toffee, gentle wind-blown smoke, rich juicy cantaloupe melon, bruised apple, some dry ash, more butter toffee, showing a great balance between youthful vigour and aged grace. Peach clafoutis, a pinch of salt.

In the mouth: Medium body, a little hot at first, smoke dropping away to slated toffee apple crumble and some spicy wood notes. This has a really great midpalate that takes quite some time to develop and evolve across the course of the dram it’s slightly sour with hints of dunnage then becoming quite elegant, finally some spicy wood notes, lingering peat smoke gives a final lick of umami.

Alc 45.8%

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