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Waitui Whiskey 8 yr Old


Waitui Whiskey, a unique New Zealand Single Malt Whiskey crafted with care in beautiful Golden Bay, New Zealand. Eight long years mellowing and maturing in Manuka honey mead barrels have resulted in an exquisite drop – a smooth and easy drinking dram now finally ready for you to enjoy.

This small-batch single malt is one of only a few true honey malt whiskeys produced in the world today. Made using New Zealand malted barley and aged in Manuka Honey Mead oak barrels for no less than eight years the result speaks for itself in a very gentle easy to drink whiskey.

Waitui Whiskey goes back to the first aged whiskeys made by monks who only had Honey Mead barrels available to age their malted barley spirit before whiskey became what it is today. In 2002 Kiwi Spirit Distillery began creating our Waitui Whiskey using these revived age-old techniques.

There is no honey added to our whiskey, instead, the Manuka Honey character is imbued from barrels that have previously held our Manuka Honey Mead.

No malt blends or additives, simply just time in a barrel.

700mL 40% ABV

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