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Smoked Garlic Sauce 500ml


This delicious dark sauce is made in Marlborough using locally grown garlic and naturally brewed malt vinegar blended with other quality ingredients. The smokey garlic flavour of this sauce is a fabulous addition to sauces, pies, soups, casseroles – almost anything! This sauce is very popular as a simple marinade or baste for any meat – chicken, steak, lamb, venison. This sauce can also be used to drizzle over cooked vegetables and meat, and is a great dipping sauce for hot chips. 500ml bottle.

  • Simply use as a sauce with steak and chips
  • Add a dash to egg when bread crumbing fish or chicken
  • Season meat dishes
  • Drizzle on salads and tomato dishes
  • Marinade prawns, skewer and BBQ
  • Use as a marinade for ribs, shanks and wings

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